Today was unexpectedly a very stressful day, both personally and professionally. I felt my anxiety try to shake me apart and push me to retreat from everyone. But I decided that I wasn’t going to let it control me. By relaxing with my husband and being mindful of my emotions, I was able to breath easy and relax. Now it’s bedtime and I feel no anxiety…though talking about it makes me a little twitchy!

Thank you, relaxation techniques.



As general as it sounds, I love books.  I have read 10 just since Jan 1st.  My appreciation, though, is not for books, but for writers.  Without writers, I couldn’t escape into new worlds and meet new people.  Without writers, I wouldn’t know about the Bennet sisters or Rand Al’thor (may you always find water and shade) or Capt. Jack Aubrey.

Books enrich my life to an immeasurable degree.  Thank you to all the writers out there, good, bad, published or trying to be published.  Your efforts are tremendous and of value. Don’t lose hope because your readers have faith in your creati

Changing it up


Today I got to rearrange my living room and bonus: husband initiated the change. I love changing up my living spaces because it make the place feel new, fresh all over again. Thank you, refreshing arrangement!

A side note: normally I would be all stressed out about missing a day or two of my appreciation blog and then would consider throwing in the towel…which I did in 2014. But I am a wiser Lindsay this year and in not going to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes my life gets too stressful or hectic and a blog post will get missed or forgotten. But I’m grateful that I’m not letting it bug me and gnaw away at my resolve to be more thankful in 2016.



Tonight I watched the State of the Union address and it reminded me that I live in a country full of potential. Our voices aren’t silenced because the government doesn’t like what we are saying among our many other rights and privileges. Thanks, SOTU, for reminded that I can speak up and help make a difference in my country.