Appreciation 2014 – Day 102


After a marathon day of catching up on Elementary episodes, you would think I’d be appreciating Arthur Conan Doyle.  But I’m not.  Today I am most appreciative for my fellow knitters!

I have been trying to figure out the pattern for a shrug that my lil sis requested I make for her wedding, but it has proved elusive.  After a month of trying, I finally gave in and asked for help on the forums.  Within 5 minutes, someone had figured out what the pattern was and included a link to the free instructions.  FIVE MINUTES!!!  I am ecstatic!  I have been working on the shrug all day and it is going to be so beautiful!

Thank you, Knitting Community; you are the best support group!

Appreciation 2014 – Day 100


Oh yes, 100 days of appreciation.

Today, I am thankful that no matter what like throws at Aaron and me, we are still here and still together and still fighting and still misusing commas! :P

We played video games and he cooked an amazing meal, then we listened to podcasts.  It may not sound exciting to anyone else, but we like it.

As Stephen Fry says: Be extremely kind to one another!

xoxo, Lindsay

Appreciation 2014 – Day 99


Ok, I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I am so grateful/appreciative of the patience my job has taught me.  I had to call the dreaded Washington Healthcare Exchange customer support today.  I thought, stupidly, that since open enrollment was over that the queues would have dropped…WRONG.  I sat on hold for 40 minutes.  Instead of becoming irate and annoyed, I quietly sat playing a video game while I waited.  I enjoyed a cool beverage, and chatted with my husband.  It was not at all bothersome.  I would guess the person on the other end of the phone was quite shocked to hear their customer greet them politely and thank them for helping.

Now, I didn’t get anything resolved and the person I spoke with didn’t have a clue how to help me, but we aren’t assessing one-call resolution or effectiveness of the customer support.  I’m just appreciative that I’m not one of those people that screams at someone on the other end of the line who has no control over the queue length. I didn’t take out my frustrations with the system on this person.

So the next time you call customer support, try (I know it’s hard), but try to remember the person answering the phone is typically taking your call because they want to help you and it’s not their fault if you had to wait or someone else passed the buck.

Patience may be a virtue but it is damn hard to master – so good luck!

Appreciation 2014 – Day 97


Some disappoint came to me today.  I didn’t get a promotion I was up for at work.  I had a really good conversation with the manager and was told that for only being with company for 7 months, my work is outstanding.  They had to delay making a decision for two extra days of discussion, because I was such a strong candidate.  So getting feedback that helps me not lose faith gets my appreciation today.